Healing Mind, Body and Soul: Manifest Yoga and Wellness Grand Opening

KALMAN, Alabama — Maybe you’ve noticed a recent change in the small cinder block building on Hwy TV and just south of Hwy 31.Over the years, it was an unassuming white building that housed a variety of businesses, which has recently changed.
Now with beautiful blue mandalas hand-painted outside, Manifest Yoga and Wellness draws the public into a soft and peaceful atmosphere.With the blessing of Dr. Jerry Galin, owner of Galin Enterprises, the walls are painted with cheerful blooms of soft lilacs.
With thoughtful intent, Kimberly Page-Hannan has created not only a business, but a space to release the burdens and stresses of everyday life.
“Every class we practice near the mat. We practice feeling comfortable and relaxed. We practice doing things that make us uncomfortable, which can be a little difficult. We see how the body and mind respond to that comfort or struggle. We find that , maybe we can take this exercise from the mat to a different part of our life outside of the studio.”
Originally from Houston, Texas, Page-Hannan traveled to Calman via Cleveland, Ohio, with her husband, Alex, from the New Hampshire area.After completing a fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic, Alex accepted a position as a Rheumatologist at Cullman Primary Care.
Manifest hosts classes throughout the working day, offering Vinyasa, Ashtanga and meditation sessions.The first and third Saturdays of each month, free home lessons at 11:00 am are available for all levels of practice, including those with reduced mobility, and lessons can be conducted in person or via Zoom.
With a background in neuropsychology, Page-Hannan also provides instruction in trauma-sensitive yoga and dialectical behavior therapy.
“I think everyone’s yoga practice offers something different. Different teachers bring different concerns. For me, coming from a neuropsychological background, I’m very concerned with helping the body recover from past trauma,” Page-Hannan shared.
She continued: “Yoga is unity, the unity of the body with the breath, the spirit. If, when you do yoga, you only focus on the physical health aspect of it, you miss two-thirds of it. You miss it. It’s about learning how to use the breath to calm the body, which helps us stay alive. That’s how we heal.”
Manifest Yoga and Wellness is located at 1900 2nd Avenue SW in Cullman, call 256-595-7355.

Post time: May-11-2022