2020 Tokyo Olympics: The American baseball team defeats the Dominican Republic and wins the gold medal race

As part of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics baseball tournament, the US team defeated the Dominican Republic 3-1 on Tuesday night. As a result, the Americans will now qualify for the losers in Thursday’s semifinal between South Korea and host Japan.
Thanks to two home runs from the Boston Red Sox first base prospect Triston Casas, the US team took the lead ahead of time, leading 2-0 at the bottom of the first inning. Neither team scored again until the end of the fifth quarter, and due to Taylor Austin’s single home run, the Americans’ advantage extended to 3-0. (Austin also scored as part of Casas’s home run.)
In terms of pitching, the US team is led by veteran lefty Scott Kazimier. He sent five games for the Americans, leaving the Dominican Republicans with only two hits and one walk. Kazmir struck out 5 of the 18 batsmen he faced, making a total of 80 shots. The Americans then scored four home runs from a combination of four rescuers: Brandon Dixon, Scott McGow, Anthony Goss and David Robertson.
Robertson allowed the only run of the night and provided Charlie Valerio with a home run in the ninth inning with two outs.
The match between South Korea and Japan is scheduled to start at 6 a.m. Eastern Time. As mentioned earlier, the Americans will play the loser of that game. No matter which team wins in South Korea and Japan, they will advance to the gold medal battle. Similarly, if the Americans can beat the loser of that game, they have a chance to compete for the gold medal.
However, if the Americans lose to South Korea or Japan, they will have to play against the Dominican Republic again. That game will be a fight for the bronze medal.
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Post time: Aug-04-2021