• COVID-19 upends young and healthy lives

    A year ago, 26-year-old Rachael Lackner would fasten Nike sneakers, put on Lululemon tights, and then perform 24-hour fitness for a five-day fast ECG treadmill sprint And jogging training, interval training on the stair machine and weight training, and then at home after get off work yoga class. ...
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  • Smart Separator: Code Meaning of Modified Separator

    The separator may need to be modified for many reasons: de-bottlenecks, changing process conditions due to mature fields, increased production, connection of new subsea wells, poor performance of the original separator, etc. The separator designer usually initially focuses on the process aspect o...
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  • 1/2″ 3/4″ black cast iron pipe fitting floor flange flat black BSP flange

    1/2″ 3/4″  black cast iron pipe fitting floor flange flat black BSP flange from our company ,Malleable iron pipe and pipe fittings connected with pipe and pipe fittings are used in furniture and many other fields, for example,the bed,table,shelf,lamp.beautiful appearance,never rust,ma...
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  • We are here on

    We are here on

    Glad to inform everyone, Hebei Hanghong Trading Co., Ltd has entered its new B2B platform,which named As a professional Pipes and Pipe fittings supplier from China,this is our new step on world trading markets. Welcome our friends come here to see us ,to browse our latest products,ge...
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